The competition between enterprises is essentially the competition of talents. Talent is the source of vitality for business development. Since its inception, Zhengqiang Machinery has grasped the people-oriented business philosophy and persisted in grasping the true meaning of the knowledge economy and implementing the talent strategy in the highly competitive information industry. We have established a dedicated, united, collaborative, innovative, crisis-conscious, high-quality workforce to provide customers with thoughtful, advanced products and establish a brand image in the industry.
Strategic implementation plan:
1. Pay attention to the cultivation of talents within the company. The internal training of the company is to improve the skills of employees, identify the company's corporate culture, and create the necessary means to meet the requirements of the company's high-quality employees. Through training, discover talents and cultivate talents within the company. The use of talents to combine the company's success with personal growth truly enables “interaction” between the company and its employees.
2. For high-level talents to be actively introduced, the use of intellectual capital is the key to winning the enterprise. Increasing investment in intellectual capital of high-level professionals is also an indispensable investment to keep innovation in key aspects such as management, technology, and marketing.
3. Establish a corresponding human resource utilization platform. In the company, we adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy, establish a management system, incentive mechanism, and distribution system that emphasizes outstanding talents, create a work environment suitable for excellent talents in the company, and give them a stage to display their talents. Create conditions to discover talents, cultivate talents, attract talents, and retain talents. Let the truly talented people become the main force of the company's development.