ZFQ-CComputer control high speed cutting machine

Uses and features:

This machine is suitable for slitting of single-layer plastic film such as PET/OPP/CPP/PE/PS/PVC, multi-layer plastic composite film, paper and other rolls.
1. Adopt PLC programmable control system, the winding and unwinding tension is fully controlled by PLC.
2, touch screen man-machine interface, working status, speed, tension and other parameters are displayed and controlled centrally.
3, using a one-button start / stop design, tension switch, host start and stop, etc. to achieve linkage control, before starting the machine, only need to input a few simple parameters such as thickness, diameter and speed of the raw materials, the next work is all automatically by the computer Completion of the PLC can realize the function of winding the meter, stopping the meter and stopping the automatic shutdown.
4. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.
5, vertical and horizontal structure, receiving and discharging on the front and rear sides.
6. The air-expansion shaft is unwound, the reel can be disassembled, with automatic feeding function, and the automatic photoelectric correction system is installed at the unwinding position.
8. The upper and lower double winding structures are all equipped with an air expansion shaft and equipped with a pressure roller. The reel can be fixed on one side and is easy to unload. The heavy-duty shaft structure is durable. The other end of the reel has a pneumatic rise and fall pneumatic self-locking.
9. The winding is driven by magnetic powder clutch.
10. The waste side guides the tube fan and blows the waste edge from the right side of the machine.
11. All the guide rollers of the whole machine are made of aluminum alloy guide rollers and processed by static and dynamic balance.
The main technical parameters:
machine type ZFQ-CComputer control high speed cutting machine
Maximum cutting speed 200m/min
Maximum unwinding diameter 800mm
Maximum winding diameter 500mm
Unwinding maximum width 1100mm 1300mm 1600mm
Total installed power 3.8kw 4.8kw 6.3kw
long 2050 2250 2750
width 2500 2500 2500
degree 1500 1500 1500