SYJX-C Automatic Pillow-shaped Packaging Machine
Scope of application

Fully automatic paper product forming equipment, which combines pneumatic and mechanical actions, has the advantages of fast speed, simple operation, high efficiency and environmental protection, and has the functions of automatic paper feeding, hot pressing, automatic point collection, mechanical action program control, fault monitoring, etc. The machine is equipped with a hot air generator which is suitable for single PE coated papei; kraft paper etc. it is used to produce one-off paper lunch box with cover; paper lunch box, kraft paper food packaging box etc.

The basic structure of machine

Main technical data
Model SYJX-C
Speed 300(pcs/min)
(The actual output is subject to the product size)
Max. packing size 350×450mm
Max. Paper feed width 240mm
Suitable material 100-400g/m2(PE Coated paper; ete.)
Total power 3Kw
Weight 0.7T
Packing size 1500×1300×2000mm (L×W× H)
Working pressure Air pressure0.4-0.5Mpa ( NeedAir distribution compressor)