ZQCX-800 Automatic Stereo Carton Forming Machine
Scope of application

The three-dimensional carton machine is a special molding machine that can produce hamburger boxes, square boxes, food boxes, fast food boxes, French fries boxes, etc. Carton made of cardboard and corrugated paper is more environmentally friendly than plastic boxes.

Performance and Characteristic
1.One machine can produce a variety of different products, and the time for changing the mold is short.
2.The machine is controlled by the PLC intelligent system and can produce complex boxes.
3.Can automatically collect, stack, and count finished products.
4.Low noise, low wear parts, high environmental protection.

Process carton size
Model   800 1000
Blank length L 100-450mm 100-450mm
Blank width W 100-580mm 100-400mm
Height of side flaps H 15-200mm 15-200mm
Height of side flaps+lid H1 50-200mm 50-200mm
Conicity a 5°-40° 5°-40°

Standard output
A: Uncovered square box Maximum output: 180/min
B: French fries box Maximum output: 150/min
C: hot dog box / hamburger box Maximum output: 120/min
D: Food box Maximum output: 100/min

Main technical data
Model ZQCX-800
Bonding method (Max.180 pcs/min)
(According to the box shape and different speed)
Max packaging capacity (according to the shape of the box) Water-based glue (hot melt adhesive device-paid option)
Raw materials 200-600g / square meter (white cardboard, corrugated paper)
Corrugated paper/ paper thickness (Max. 1.5mm)
Electrical requirements 4.5kw/hour
Air source requirements (6kg/cm2×200L/min)
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 3000 ×1450×1300mm
Weight 2000kg