ZFQ-H Automatic high speed cutting machine


Unwinding function:

The unwinding of the machine adopts the function of shaftless feeding, and the pneumatic top is tight.
The linear correction platform is used to position and slide the linear guide.
Unwinding mechanical shaft ¢ 3", ¢ 6", no shaft.
Correction system: EPC ultrasonic correction system is adopted.
Tension control: Taper automatic controller PLC joint control.
Balance adjustment: equipped with a hand-adjustable left and right tension balance slider.

Winding function:

The machine adopts the cantilever method, and the other end adopts a pneumatic support large arm, which can meet the winding work of various materials, and has the convenience and quickness of discharging.
The winding motor adopts the slip shaft to perform taper automatic tension control by PLC.
The winding power transmission adopts arc tooth synchronous belt transmission.
Support arm: pneumatically executed.
Pressure arm: constant pressure arm.

Traction system:

Traction drive: PLC automatic control motor drive.
Traction roller set: Dingqing traction rubber roller, antistatic material, hardness Shore 65o-70o 1
The traction combination enhances the film transport capability and effectively blocks unwinding tension and take-up tension.

Cutter system:

This machine is equipped with a round knife and a straight knife device (optional)
Knife depth fine adjustment device
Tool holder support shaft
Tool holder 10



Speed  5-300m/min
Unwinding diameter 800mm
Model width 800-1800mm(Set the machine according to your needs)
Slitting width 50-1800mm
Winding diameter 600mm
Dimensions 2450 (1300)×2400×1950