ZJP-Inspection and quality rewinding machine

Scope of application

This machine is mainly suitable for pattern inspection and rewinding of printed products in various packaging industries. It is to solve the problem of the inflow of unqualified products in the printing process, and to provide good conditions for the compound cost saving of the next process. By means of rewinding, it is convenient to check out unqualified products, and the detection pattern is fast and practical.
Performance and characteristics
1. The whole machine can be centrally controlled by the programming controller, and the whole operation of the whole machine is performed by using the touch screen man-machine interface.
2. Receiving and unwinding The automatic tension control device is realized by the programming controller automatically calculating the winding diameter.
3, detection using light box light detection 瑕疵 products, can use photoelectric automatic tracking pattern, automatic synchronization strobe.
4. Visually detect the defect point and stop it automatically by button.
5, automatic metering, line speed display function.
6. The unwinding department adopts photoelectric tracking automatic rectification and in-position stop device.
7. The system has perfect integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, and adopts complete safety protection measures.