ZBM- High speed surface cutting machine

Scope of application

ZBM- surface high-speed slitting machine is a new generation of light, electricity and gas integration, which can be applied to various high-precision discs of BOPP.PET.CPP.CPE.PVC film, aluminum foil, plastic and other film roll materials. Strip cutting and rewinding.
Performance and characteristics
1. This machine adopts the center-winding mode of the left and right air-up axis staggered surface to adapt to the majority of slitting.
2, the host frequency conversion; constant speed main rubber transmission, so that the cutting speed is constant.
3, with automatic length metering, can set a certain length of automatic shutdown and other functions.
4, equipped with a round knife, flat knife device and edge material fan blow out.
5. The machine unwinds the magnetic powder brake to control the tension.
6. The unwinding raw material adopts automatic feeding device.
7. Configure photoelectric correction, which can automatically track the edge of the cut substrate for precise strip cutting.
The main technical parameters:
Mechanical operating speed 5~300m/min
Unwinding diameter ¢800mm
Model width
Slitting width
Winding diameter ¢500mm(Special requirements can be customized)
Correction method Photoelectric tracking / heel or follow