How to use the cutting blade correctly

The slitter is a compact industrial device that is widely used in the industrial field. Although the slitting machine is small, we still need to pay attention to some problems in order to avoid accidents. When using the slitter, we need to understand its performance structure, and regularly carry out maintenance on the slitter to avoid malfunction.
In the specific operation process, it is necessary to keep the sharpness of the blade edge at all times. If the edge is found to be blunt or damaged, it should be repaired or exchanged in time. When dealing with multi-person operations, it is necessary to have a special person to be responsible for the command, and the cooperation between them should be tacitly coordinated. It is forbidden to cut two different specifications of materials at the same time on the slitting blade, and it is not allowed to overlap the shear.
When cutting the material, the handle is promoted to be prohibited under the pressure plate. When cutting the material, the iron plate should be pressed separately. When cutting the finger, the finger should be at least 200 mm away from the edge. After holding the line, you should immediately remove the 撬 方 to cut, such as the iron plate has moved, apply the wooden pillow to plug, so as not to press the foot down and hold the wound.
It must be leveled when selecting the placement position of the slitter. The workpieces cut by the slitting blades must be placed smoothly, not stacked too high, and not allowed to be stacked on the aisles. The corners and scraps should be cleaned up in time to keep the site clean and tidy. Only by creating a suitable production environment can the desired effect be achieved.