What are the characteristics of the slitter?

Magnetic state and adjust the transmitted torque. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed. Suitable for high speed segmental fine tuning and medium and small power speed control systems. It is also used to adjust the torque by adjusting the current to ensure an unwind or rewind tension control system with constant tension during winding.
a first winding roller and a second winding roller defining a clamp, the core being inserted into the clamp, and the mesh being fed through the clamp; and at least one pair of electrical engagement to wind the core The ends are joined and wound in at least a portion of the F package. Manufacturing and arranging the connecting member and the first and second winding rolls such that the package being formed is in contact with the first and second winding rolls; further, a third winding roll is provided, the third winding roll being the first roll The winding space defined by the winding rolls and the second winding roll, i.e., movable, allows the windings of each package to be added and completed within the winding space.