Several elements that should be considered when purchasing a slitter blade

Change the specification, the core of the paper core on the inner and outer winding arms, the pressure roller is in the ready state, notify all personnel to leave the machine and ready to run. Put ANTI-STAICBARS on the main console in AUTO, READYTORUN is on, and MACHINERUN is started. When the inner and outer ends of the machine are stopped, use the unload button to place the film on the prepared unloading cart, cut the film and attach the film roll with the sealant. Use the collet release button to release the collet and check that the film core has left the core. If it is still stuck on the core, manually remove the film manually.
Once you have ensured that all the film has left the chuck on the cart, you should first understand your needs when purchasing a slitting blade using the membrane button. What kind of blade do we need to buy? Don't look at the appearance of the blade or buy it at a cheap price. The blade you bought is definitely not. It is right for you, the quality of this blade will not be very good. It will be broken for a while.
When buying a blade, don't always pursue branded goods. It is best to buy one that is right for you. There are absolutely no best blades in the world, but there are certainly blades for you to use, so everyone should know the advantages of the blade when making a choice. And the disadvantages, then choose, so the blade you choose is definitely the best for you, it will be easier to cut.
We need to use different blades for different occasions, so you should buy more different styles to suit your needs. If you need more blades, you must determine the quantity. It is best to buy more at once. The blade you purchased will be able to meet your needs.