Three slitting methods for Splitting Machine

In the process of slitting, it can be roughly divided into three methods: flat knife slitting, round knife slitting, and extrusion slitting.
     Just like the razor, the single-sided blade or the double-sided blade is fixed on a fixed tool holder, and the knife is dropped during the data operation, so that the knife cuts the data longitudinally to achieve the cutting purpose.
      There are two ways to cut the razor:
       One is slitting and slitting; the other is hanging slitting.
The grooving slitting is when the data is run on the sipe roller, the cutter is dropped in the groove of the sipe roller, and the data is cut longitudinally. At this moment, the data has a certain wrap angle in the sipe roller, which is not easy to appear drifting. When slitting a PP film or a film having a narrow edge material, this slitting method is often used to increase the slitting power. However, regarding the hanging and slitting, its drawback is that it is inconvenient to compare the knife.
       Suspended slitting is when the data passes between the two rollers, the razor falls to cut the data longitudinally. At this moment, the data is in a relatively unstable condition, so the cutting accuracy is slightly worse than the cutting, but this cutting method Convenient for the knife and easy to operate.
       The flat cutter is mainly suitable for slitting thin plastic films and composite films.